• Henry Ho - CEO,
    World TV Ltd

    "The over riding element when dealing with any IT company is trust! With Computerware Plus trust their professionalism, advice, technical knowledge and support. We have NO hesitation in recommending Computerware Plus to any business."
  • Jodi Tomlin -
    Scrapaholics NZ

    "Great instant or nearly instant service! I know that I can trust the team to come in and get on with tasks and I don't have to think about it. They don't try to blind me with gibberish!'
  • Lizzie Hines - Director
    Spaceworks Design Group

    "Our productivity and profitablity have increased dramatically, no more days waiting for techs to solve problems, we have a personalised IT support service."
  • Brent Lewis - Manager,
    Gem Office Products Depot

    "The Computerware Plus team have excellent communication skills and a real grasp of technical issues. This uncommon combination of both technical and communication skills is hard to find. Dealing with Computerware Plus is a fantastic experience."
  • Kaylene - Office Manager,
    Prima Panelbeaters & Manukau Collision Repairs

    "Nothing is a problem and they talk to me in normal language, instead of IT speak."

IT Service Provider in Auckland Since 1990

Computerware Plus+ has been a successful IT service provider in Auckland since founded in 1990. After working in the business for many years, qualified Chartered Accountant John Christie took over ownership and management of the company in 2009. Under his leadership, Computerware Plus continues to provide IT services to businesses in Auckland. Our effectiveness as IT service provider depends on the quality of the people in our business. You’ll agree when you meet our team.



I’m logical, analytical, thoughtful and thorough – qualities that has helped me in my career of than 20 years as IT service provider. As a Chartered Accountant, I take care of the numbers and financial stability of the business, but I really see myself as the cheerleader of our great team. They’re reliable, independent and really good communicators. I can and do trust them to find the most cost effective and efficient solution for customer’s needs. For me, the best part of Computerware Plus is the many long-term relationships we have with our customers – some going for more than 10 years. Businesses that have come to rely on and trust us. I think it says something in this fast-changing industry to know that we have earned and kept the trust of so many growing businesses.

“In the 20 odd years in the industry the one constant that has always kept me focused – is change. That is why I am still here – what a great industry to be in!” 

021 689 993


TORU STEWART - Technician

I graduated from AUT with a B Bus majoring in IT in 2005. Its been helpful understanding the business side, but I’m a do and fix things kind of person. I like to solve problems. I get huge satisfaction when a frustrated customer starts smiling again because their problem has gone away. What I’ve found is that I can’t use the same description of a situation with different customers, because they each think differently and might need different language or analogies to help them get a clear picture. The challenge of reading people and working out how best to deliver information to them is what makes me enjoy my work.

“Doing this job allows me to meet new people every day and help them solve their computer problems, so they can get on with what they’re good at.” 

021 988 151


SAIA TUITA - Technician

The favourite thing I like to do is walk into one of our client’s workplaces knowing they know me well enough that they feel free to ask me any question. The mutual respect and trust we have developed with customers over the last 20+ years is really satisfying. I’ve been with Computerware since 1993. I began in the days of DOS and Windows 3.11! Over the years, I have collected numerous qualifications, including NZCE in Electronics and Computer Technology and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). I also hold certificates in Online and Data Insurance Back-up.

‘We have a great team where we have individual accountability for our own work, but can take a question to the team if we need some help. I feel great pride in doing this work for the company and the community.”

021 654 209



IT has always been my passion and my strength. My passion for customer service means I am able to speak at the customers’ level without all the techie talk. I enjoy the challenges of an ever changing range of tools, as well as the pleasure of helping people achieve things they never thought were possible. I love helping people, and businesses become more efficient simply by applying a solution they didn’t know existed. Working at Computerware Plus is very satisfying, because we know our customers rely on us to work things out for them, and we can see that they are happy when we do.

"What inspires me to develop and grow with the industry is the chance to offer better, more efficient solutions." 

021 937 882



I joined Computerware Plus in 2005, in a customer service role. I wasn’t really familiar with IT, but was told I’d be good in the job. I think that coming in green as it were means I never had the solution. I learnt to listen to what customers wanted and needed and passed that on to the technical team. Our customers therefore never get the standard solution, they always get a solution tailored to their particular situation and business. That’s maybe one reason they appreciate us. I really value the “no appointment necessary” relationship that we’ve built with our customers over the years. It’s a way of doing business that is really satisfying. Besides, it’s important to me to know that helping them improve productivity and profitability is creating better lives and building strong communities. 

“The long-term relationships, they’re my favourite customers”. 

021 741 082


JASMINE O'MALLEY - Business Developer

I have started at Computerware Plus as the Business Developer in 2012, and love working here. The best thing is that it is a team effort and customer focused environment. I came from an admin and customer service background in different industries, but working here I found  that they are really interested in helping customers understand how technology solutions can benefit their business and their everyday lives.

I hear the technicians talking to customers in a way they understand, so they don’t get lost in the IT language. It’s exciting to be learning about the IT industry and the positive effects it has within a business.