• Henry Ho - CEO,
    World TV Ltd

    "The over riding element when dealing with any IT company is trust! With Computerware Plus trust their professionalism, advice, technical knowledge and support. We have NO hesitation in recommending Computerware Plus to any business."
  • Jodi Tomlin -
    Scrapaholics NZ

    "Great instant or nearly instant service! I know that I can trust the team to come in and get on with tasks and I don't have to think about it. They don't try to blind me with gibberish!'
  • Lizzie Hines - Director
    Spaceworks Design Group

    "Our productivity and profitablity have increased dramatically, no more days waiting for techs to solve problems, we have a personalised IT support service."
  • Brent Lewis - Manager,
    Gem Office Products Depot

    "The Computerware Plus team have excellent communication skills and a real grasp of technical issues. This uncommon combination of both technical and communication skills is hard to find. Dealing with Computerware Plus is a fantastic experience."
  • Kaylene - Office Manager,
    Prima Panelbeaters & Manukau Collision Repairs

    "Nothing is a problem and they talk to me in normal language, instead of IT speak."

How ComputerwarePlus helps You Manage Cash flow while you Grow

  1. Regular System Maintenance minimises your lost or Downtime. Our maintenance contracts ensure your maintenance is done regularly, and just like your car engine regular maintenance prevents many major breakdowns. With a monthly contract you know what your IT costs are each month so that you can budget your cash flow.
  2. We offer Remote Assist.  If you’re new to remote assist what it means is we can log into your system to help with problems.  The saving here is massive not only in travel cost but also support can be immediate so you or your team are back to work sooner. – No travel time cost. No waiting for the tech to turn up and you twiddling your thumbs & getting frustrated. Instant fix lowers your overall costs – on average remote assist costs less than 2 actual visits – your cash flow enhanced.
  3. Forward Planning – Know your capital costs in advance.  We offer a full assessment of your projected IT needs based on your growth projections for the next year to three years - no surprises therefore no worrying surprises to your cash flow.
  4. Preventative Assessments – Your system monitored 24/7.  Having your systems up to date may seem expensive but you save in the long term by avoiding Crashes, lost data, downtime (read more...)

    Yes the techs have turned up & done the updates – have they assessed all your real needs?   E.g. Are you still using a 10/100 switch instead of a Gigabit switch. Over a year this simple change could add 100 hours of productivity for your staff.  Our team are trained to look for these productivity increasers.
  5. Assessment of actual needs – why pay for what you don’t need because someone thought it was a great idea. Our experience is that many businesses have hardware and software that is a resource drain.  We’ll help you take the waste out of your IT Budget. 


Don’t listen to your mate or the next door neighbour who has read a couple of articles from the newspaper. The IT industry is complex, you do need expert advice and the advice of yesterday is yesterday.  Trial our remote assist for 3 months for FREE.  Contact aaron@cplus.co.nz to know more.