• Henry Ho - CEO,
    World TV Ltd

    "The over riding element when dealing with any IT company is trust! With Computerware Plus trust their professionalism, advice, technical knowledge and support. We have NO hesitation in recommending Computerware Plus to any business."
  • Jodi Tomlin -
    Scrapaholics NZ

    "Great instant or nearly instant service! I know that I can trust the team to come in and get on with tasks and I don't have to think about it. They don't try to blind me with gibberish!'
  • Lizzie Hines - Director
    Spaceworks Design Group

    "Our productivity and profitablity have increased dramatically, no more days waiting for techs to solve problems, we have a personalised IT support service."
  • Brent Lewis - Manager,
    Gem Office Products Depot

    "The Computerware Plus team have excellent communication skills and a real grasp of technical issues. This uncommon combination of both technical and communication skills is hard to find. Dealing with Computerware Plus is a fantastic experience."
  • Kaylene - Office Manager,
    Prima Panelbeaters & Manukau Collision Repairs

    "Nothing is a problem and they talk to me in normal language, instead of IT speak."


IT Services to Set Up or Re-equip Your Business

If you need IT services to get your Auckland business going or to set up IT systems in your business, start by talking to Computerware Plus. Our IT consultancy service, coupled with computer and server supply, as well as  network setup  provides the ideal platform for your business IT.

By starting off with a well-planned IT setup and good technology that meets your needs without expensive extras you’ll never use, you’ll get the best return on your IT investment.

IT can be a significant cost to your business – not only in terms of the capital outlay and ongoing service costs, but also in terms of loss productivity or opportunities if you get it wrong. Bad decisions about your IT setup now can keep on costing you for years to come.

That’s why your business needs to come to grips with your real IT needs as soon as possible. With Computerware Plus, you can get your IT right first time and drive most value for your investment.