• Henry Ho - CEO,
    World TV Ltd

    "The over riding element when dealing with any IT company is trust! With Computerware Plus trust their professionalism, advice, technical knowledge and support. We have NO hesitation in recommending Computerware Plus to any business."
  • Jodi Tomlin -
    Scrapaholics NZ

    "Great instant or nearly instant service! I know that I can trust the team to come in and get on with tasks and I don't have to think about it. They don't try to blind me with gibberish!'
  • Lizzie Hines - Director
    Spaceworks Design Group

    "Our productivity and profitablity have increased dramatically, no more days waiting for techs to solve problems, we have a personalised IT support service."
  • Brent Lewis - Manager,
    Gem Office Products Depot

    "The Computerware Plus team have excellent communication skills and a real grasp of technical issues. This uncommon combination of both technical and communication skills is hard to find. Dealing with Computerware Plus is a fantastic experience."
  • Kaylene - Office Manager,
    Prima Panelbeaters & Manukau Collision Repairs

    "Nothing is a problem and they talk to me in normal language, instead of IT speak."


Remote IT Support

When you have an IT support contract with Computerware Plus, we’ll set up remote monitoring of your IT systems. That means that we’ll often know if there’s a problem with your IT systems before you do. In fact, we can probably head off the problem or fix issues remotely without you even being aware that anything was going on!

As part of our comprehensive IT support, we can set up self-healing services for common IT problems – saving you precious money!

Remote IT Monitoring Software

Our remote monitoring service is enabled by unobtrusive software that runs on your systems to monitor the performance and vital signs of every single device on your network. We set up acceptable parameters in the program.

Whenever the performance of your systems fall outside acceptable limits, your IT support immediately kicks into action. We receive a warning on our systems that there is an issue that may need our attention. We investigate and, if there is something wrong or a cause for concern, we can start working to resolve the issue.

Often this will simply mean effecting the necessary fixes remotely from our offices. If needed, we will come to your premises to make sure your workflow is not unduly impeded by IT problems.

With IT support from Computerware Plus, you can rely on your IT systems to deliver the business support you expect.